The Dome of Light

Most who come to the Dome of Light immediately feel its energy… just by entering the property’s gate!

The Dome is built on ley lines and its center sits on an energy vortex. This energy has probably existed on this site since ancient times.

A world renowned psychic guided the quest to find this land and helped Sant see the necessity of the Dome’s construction. The Dome’s energy, which is that of a torus, greatly magnifies the vibrations of this site. Sant feels this is the perfect place for him to fulfill his mission on earth… to give Light.


Giving Light

The spiritual practice of giving Light is an ancient Japanese art known as Mahikari-No-Waza which was practiced by Jesus, Nichiren, Moses, and many others.

Mahikari-No-Waza means “the art of spiritual purification.” It calls up Light from the fifth dimension and focuses this energy for powerful healing of the physical and spiritual realms. Both the structure of the Dome and its location contribute to the amplification of the Light energy at this site.


Importance of the Pineal Gland

Here is a video that is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE: “The Secrets of the Pineal Gland”.

This explains what exactly is happening when Divine Light is channeled to the spot on our foreheads, between the two eyebrows. That is where this gland is located.

Listen carefully at how this gland is so important for RAISING our spiritual vibration. KEEPING THIS GLAND ACTIVATED BY DIVINE LIGHT……….changes EVERYTHING!


Torus, the Universal Pattern

This toridal flow-pattern beautifully……. shows graphically Divine Light…. in its emination and transmission at the Dome.



Sant Saroop Singh Khalsa (Claude Riser Woodruff)

In 1985 Sant left a lucrative medical research job and went to a training center in Takayama, Japan to master the art of Mahikari-No-Waza. After four years he graduated from Kunnrenbu training center as someone who had mastered the art of giving Light. After leaving Japan, Spirit guided him to travel to New Mexico and set up the Dome of Light north of Santa Fe.

Even as a child, I was drawn to Light and using healing energy. Eventually I realized that my mission as a human being is to give Light. During this practice my individuality disappears… I become a purified channel for the Light.

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